Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Winetasting in Burgenland of the HS Himberg

In October we went to Illmitz in Burgenland, the easternmost province of Austria, to see how wine is produced, processed and of course – how wine is tasted!
We formed two groups.
Class 2a had a look at the „Hotel Nationalpark“. Then the class took a „children´s degustation“ (grape juice and pear/apple juice).
A "Wow" to what everything wine can be! - everything from colour, to smell and taste.
Class 3c was visiting the Nekowitsch family who make fantastic wine. Vineyards were visited, the factory was viewed, and we saw big silos and the different winelabels.
Despite the bad weather that day, we learnt a lot about wine.
Yours Dani and Andrea
P.S. We are looking forward to see you in Vienna :)

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