Saturday, 7 November 2009

Meeting and christmas coming closer!

Hello dear Comenius friends! Our meeting in Vienna, Klosterneuburg and Himberg is coming closer and we are already quite excited. The town is preparing for christmas time and so are we. The video and photos show you pupils from different classes working in our kitchen. They are baking different christmas biscuits and they liked it very much. Most of them are doing the same at home with their parents, especially with their mums. Some of the pupils told me that they do these special christmas cookies with their grandmas.It was not really easy to keep the pupils from eating all the biscuits.Normally these biscuits need a rest of at least two or three weeks. Then they taste best. Greetings from Austria, Klosterneuburg Susan

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First the wine and now the cookies....nham, nham !!!!
Can´t wait to taste them!
Nice work!