Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hello everybody!
Our 8th A and 8th C students (14 year-olds) decided to show you a bit of our traditional folk songs.
This is a part of the "Getting to know each other" project inside our COMENIUS, that they have built up.
They coworked with their teachers on this: The PE teacher rehearsed the folk dances (Rita Carneiro), the Arts and Technology teachers helped with the costumes making (Ana Moreira and Teresa Moreira) and the class directors organized the groups (Inês Lopes and Eugénia Costa).
The final product is really very beautiful and very, very good.
All the teachers are very proud of you, dear students! Congratulations to all !
When you work in a team everything is easier and much more rewarding!
Take a look and enjoy!
Manuela Galante

This dance comes from MADEIRA ( one of the Portuguese Islands in the Atlantic Ocean ) and as most of the folk dances, it represents part of the farming habits of each region. If you search the web for "Bailinho da Madeira" you will find out more about it and our beautiful archipelago - MADEIRA and PORTO SANTO.

I will post 8th A film in another message!

Sorry, but I won´t be able to do that - the video clip is too heavy - I will send it to each partner by mail as soon as possible, ok? Sorry kids!

These dances are very common in the North of Portugal (MINHO) and each costume represents someone with a different role in the farming community. In the past, people would dance "Malhão" during harvest time. These folk dances are still very popular in all kinds of shows and local festivities, especially in the summer. Portugal has got a very strong tradition in Associativism and these folk groups are scattered all over Portugal (We even had one at our school composed by teachers and janitors. It was really fun!).


1st GL of Hania, Spiros said...

Great job.
Congratulations to all of you.
Does this dance represent any special moment or something else from PT tradition.

cesme summer homes said...

It is super. Congratulation for this performance. Wish you a merry and happy summer holiday in Hania , Manuela.


Thank you Ertugrul!