Monday, 2 February 2009

Greetings from Snowy England

Dear friends,

I hope this works...

I thought I would share with you the view I had when I tried to get into school this morning.  Our school was shut today due to heavy snow, so I had to turn back home again!
We are really looking forward to our visit - and getting away from the cold!

See you all very soon,

Jo, England


1st GL of Hania, Spiros said...

Don't worry.
The weather report is fine.
We are waiting for the sun.
See you on Saturday.

Susanne said...

Hi, this is Susan from Austria!
I can understand, that England is worried about this kind of weather:
but I just heard on the radio, that there will be even more snow for you in the next days. So it will be really nice for you to leave England for a few days.
Did you have a look at the webcam of Chania?
I did on Sunday and saw blue sea, sunshine and a friendly town waiting for us. So I am looking forward to our meeting and to see all the Comenius friends again.
Best wishes and drive carefully!!