Thursday, 13 November 2008

Moments in Rua Santa Catarina

Hello everybody! This was a nice filming of yours, Spyros.

These girls are a small part of a traditional academic musical group called "Tuna" ( nothing to do with tuna, the fish!!!). We have female, male and mixed "Tunas". They are all university students and they play folk traditional music and also fado. Their shows are exhuberant and sometimes very naughty and comic. If we had had time I would have invited one of these to come to our school and perform for us...!!!

Portugal is really very rich in traditions, culture, food and music. You have tasted a little sample, now you have to come with time and enjoy it at its most.... ah, and you haven´t seen our Atlantic Archipelagos, yet, Madeira and Azores....

You must come and we will give you a fine touristic itinerary, with the compliments of the "management".

Take care, Manuela Galante

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